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Hello, this post is to make you aware of some changes that have been made to one of the lakes at the park. Since 2021, we have been working hard to re-educate guests that we are not a fishery. We sell luxury, lakeside lodges which offer free pleasure fishing we do not sell fishing holidays with free lodges.

Up to recently, Arthur’s Lake held 47 fish ranging from 11lb to 35lb, the lake was not fishing well. We had a lot of negative feedback from guests, and we appreciate that when you are spending a lot of money on a holiday, to not catch anything would be very disheartening.  Along with the guidance from the Environment Agency regarding weed problems we experienced this summer and last and guidance from a local fishery firm, it was decided to add more carp to the Arthur’s Lake to give anglers a more positive fishing experience and help reduce the weed problem in the future. In order to do this a number of fish needed to be removed. When the lake was netted only 2 fish weighed over 25lb. When there are 16 rods out in Arthur’s Lake, trying to catch 2 of the larger fish would be very difficult. Our aim is not to stock or house “big fish” in our lakes. Our aim is offer pleasure fishing which we feel is better for our business. A small number of fish were removed from the lake and only 2 of them were over the 25lb.  There is now over 100 carp in Arthurs lake ranging in weight up to 22 -25lb. We have not false advertised or sold false lodge holidays to anyone. The website was updated once the changes had been made to the lake. We could not do it before because we needed to know what was in there first before the decision was made as to what needed to be removed or added. We are within our rights to make changes to our lakes knowing this will bring a more positive experience to any guests enjoying the free fishing while staying in a lodge. We are aware that some negativity towards us about this decision has been very well voiced on social media and it potentially will do for some time. We have a very clear vision on the direction that we would like our park to go in and we appreciate all our guests who continue to support us.

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