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Syril (front) and Lily (back) are our resident Sulcata Tortoises. Rescued from an unfit home, this pair live happily together at Caistor Lakes. 

Syril is around 40 years old and Lily is a little younger. Syril can be quite boisterous when he wants to be but we are still waiting for Lily to come out of her shell! 

If they're not in their enclosure next to Reception, you can find them sunbathing in their pen near the Touring pitches. They are fed delicious fruits and vegetables daily, as part of their plant based diets. They are the best of friends and often enjoy a long cooling water bath! 

Watch them Live on the Shell-Cam... Coming soon! 


Arthur the English Bulldog visits the site every now and again. Arthur's Pool was named after him. Arthur is in charge of snacking and napping!

Arthur likes to lay in Reception and have a snooze - you'll usually find him under the desk, snoring like a little piggy!


Arthur gets on really well with other dogs and our Sulcata Tortoises. 

If you spot Arthur on site and want to say hello, beware you're about to get slobbered on!


Hooch is in charge of security, although he's almost ready for retirement! An old man, Hooch has lived on site since it was first developed.

Hooch the Dogue de Bordeaux gets on well with other dogs, but can sometimes become too boisterous when he's playing! He lives in a kennel in a secure compound by the Owner's lodge. 

Poor Hooch sometimes gets bullied by the ducks who live around Arthur's Pool - they're always stealing his food! 


Our site is dog friendly! Below is a gallery of our guests' photos with their four-legged friends!