Our Leisure Fishing Lake

Our Leisure pool is designed for the fisherman wanting to relax, chill out and enjoy a day catching fish. A truly mixed pool, it contains carp up to 29lbs, and a variety of Ide, Bream, Tench, Barble, Ghost Carp, Perch, Crucian, Chub, Roach and Gudgeon. Again we have 16 permanent pegs, gravelled pathways, drop off tackle zones, and access to the toilet and shower facilities. As with all our pools, to ensure quality of fish and their growth, we monitor oxygen levels daily along with nitrates, nitrites and ammonia on a weekly basis. This pool costs £8 dawn till dusk, £15 for 24 hours, OAP rate £6.50 dawn till dusk, £12 for 24 hours. Enjoy a break and bring your caravan for a luxury stay

Herron Fishing

Caistor Lakes Road Sign

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