Match Fishing Lake

This pool has been designed with the purpose of accommodating organised match fishing, corporate events, coaching days and day ticket fishing. It’s ideal for the angler wanting to hone his fishing skills and catch a large mixed bag of course fish. Watercraft including gravel bars, drop offs, shelves and lilly pad beds are all featured here. The pool is heavily stocked with Ide, Bream, Tench, Perch, Carp, Roach, Barble, Crusian and Chub. It has 24 permanent pegs, all of which are wheelchair accessible and disabled friendly. Again, this 1.5 acre pool has tackle drop off zones, and is surrounded by gravel paths with easy access to the 5 star shower and toilet facilities. To ensure good catch rates and fish health, oxygen is tested daily and nitrates, nitrites and ammonia are tested on a weekly basis. The site organises regular match fishing competitions. Should you wish to arrange your own events (such as match/corporate days), or would like to enter the next match please contact us on 01472 859626.

Caistor Lakes Road Sign

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